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Hi, I need help with essay on The inferiority between man and women in the late 1800s. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

When a woman was married all of her property and body all belong to their husband. Husband can do anything he wants to do with his wife. It was supported by both laws and as well as in the marriage paper present on the time of marriage consists of the oath taken by women that they would unconditionally obey their husband in all of the circumstances. There were little chances of divorce that was allowed to the women. Even in 1891if women wanted to get rid or escape from the marriage, if caught law enforcement agencies should punish her great deal (Smith, 2002). The worst condition was faced by the women that were lower class or underclass women. Women generally were stopped to have any reasonable education, respected jobs and they were totally dependent on the males of the society. This whole concept of women as totally submitting themselves to the will of their husbands is shown in the words of lead character of the play Nora. Nora also fears that her husband is attracted to her due to her physical beauty and is feared that after few years when her physical appearance will be diminished, her husband will leave her ultimately. Considering women as sexual award has also been shown from the dialogues of the intended husband in the play telling her wife that there is no more attraction left in her. and she should try to preserve whatever is left of her beauty. One of the first movements in which women participated effectively was female seminary movement. The leaders were Willard, Beecher, Lyon and Emerson. This movement had a goal of improving women education so that they can be important part of society (Donnaway). The rise of industrialization in the 1830’s and increased number of working women lead to a greater involvement of women in labor movements. These female labor unions were developed for the goals of better pay and better working circumstances. As the years gone passing and Civil War and reconstruction began role of women in society and politics totally changed. Social and economic changes brought greater rights for the women. most important changes came in the life of women in late nineteenth century and start of twentieth century (Hoffberger). The long struggle of women was dedicated to a single goal of peace and progress in the life of families as well as their children. Nora tried really hard all of her life helping her husband even hiding from him that she has taken only to make him healthier. yet she is accused of telling lies. Women when deprived from even getting loans from the banks during nineteenth century. This caused women to look into another sources of earning money. In the play “A Doll’s House”, lead character Nora when experiencing hard times got loan from individuals on the forged signatures of her father and lied to her husband which was ill at that time. She worked really hard in order to pay debt and she was successful too. She was black mailed by a person gave her loan on the forge signature. threatening to tell her husband about this entire loan if she could not stop her husband to fire him. When all of this exposed to her husband and husband accused of being liar and fraud. she told her husband that she has done everything for the well being of him. She also worked hard to pay the debt. After all the hard work throughout her life, sacrifices for a better and free life.

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