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Howard Miller in 1942, who worked under the supervision of Westinghouse Company’s War Production Committee. Initially, its aim was to recruit women only for Midwest Westinghouse factory for two weeks, later on with the passage of time feminist campaigns used it for the sake of their identity. Aspire behind the creation of these posters, was to inspire women to take part in jobs considered for men. For example jobs at mills and weapon industries, civilian services and even in military. Due to the shortage of labor, women were encouraged to enlist themselves in workforce. (2) Lately the famous “We can do it poster!” is referred to as “Rosie the Riveter”. The woman in the poster was an inspirational model for women in the time of war. Her confident and definite gaze. showed the responsible citizen doing the right act at the right time, in the times of catastrophe. Her pose negates the feminine modesty and portrays more of a courageous and daring side. The show of bicep, explains the power and capability woman owns. Muscular arm also displayed the kind of rigorous effort female gender can put in, negating their own image as sleek and slender creatures. Her uniform portrayed the aim and responsibility of an individual, who realized the importance of duty call in a trying time and hence the strength of a nation rely on both men and women. Her uniform also showed the association of woman with a competitive job other than domestic jobs. Her logo on collar and bandana depicts the readiness and willingness of feminine approach to work in complex circumstances for stabilizing the nation. The neatly pulled back hair and definite lines on her face, showed the dedication and determination, a woman can put in rather than her presumed image. The most interesting fact about the World War II was its idea of war, was more dependent upon the productivity rather than the military action itself. The motivational and awakening poster for women showed that, their male family members need them to provide with arms and weapons. Therefore, industries need workforce which was easily replaced by women. The change in the duty bond mother, wife and sister was amazing. They not only took better responsibility but proved to be more intellectual and capable up till now. Their participation in industrial development increased afterwards. Almost 18 million American women worked during the World War II thus, the government recognized the need of day care centers and nurseries for their children at close proximity to work place. Therefore several day care centers and nurseries were provided by the employers to facilitate the female labor. However, after the war was over in 1944, only 16% of women were left in the weapon industries. (4) The idea of becoming substitute needs more attention and research. Many of the female industrial labor faced harassment after the war from male employees. They faced forced termination and ceased job vacancies after the war. However, the change during the time of war occurred and awakened the need of “recognition” in women never slept again. The efforts and participation put in by American women in the time of war could not be easily neglected once the war was over. The feeling of being able to earn living and learn the trade of life liberated women to fight against the forced termination from jobs.

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