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There is need to balance international and national security to safeguard human rights. To some point, this has been proven difficult when tension aroused from the sovereign states to intervene for the third world countries. Bales emphasizes that based on the rights, migrants should be considered in regard to their cultural, social and economic background (Bales 110). The author values the slaves, when he describes the issue of refugees based on legal and political perspective as humanitarian circles, which deal specifically in taking care of people who abandons their countries with different reasons. The individuals are recognized by the international law where by all the information pertaining them were written and adopted, based on time, political and their historical background. Legal developments have been observed concerning the amendment on slavery to protect them from various types of threats they were being subjected to. This further called for the humanitarians to hold a global consultation in the year 2001, to talk about emerging issues related to how the refugee’s problems could be tackled on the international basis. Bales claims that the western countries still show little or no interest when it comes to dealing with matters about the slaves. According to the author’s approach, his finding on this issue of slaves is that it can be sorted out, if some seriousness id employed. This is by help of the society and both the government and non-government organizations, and at international levels. The slavery problem can be solved based on the above named level capabilities. Bales finds out the bitter truth about refugees lifestyle and how they are mistreated. For instance, the issue of slaves providing labor in cocoa plantations at the Ivory Coast. Despite this awful condition, necessary steps have been adopted by different organizations, including business groups, which are there to ensure that changes are enforced to curb this problem. Bales also finds out that when people colloborate with their leaders at the same time working together with the organizations that can assist, this can contribute to a viable solution to this international problem. He goes further to suggest what can be done at different levels. To begin with, the government’s level requires people to participate by electing their favorable leaders who will enhance the safety of their people by ensuring that their citizens are protected from trafficking of which they end up being enslaved in other countries. Legal clauses that deprive the human rights should be dropped out of the constitution. The government needs to check on the terms and conditions of labor, to ensure that no worker’s rights are not violated and are in accordance with his or her work. In analyzing the situation critically, all the doors that land people to get jobs oversees should be closed and we should work hand in hand with labor groups to discourage child labor and other forms of illegal employment. Businesses should be regulated, especially the big companies to create a positive view against working with the slaves, at the same time acting exemplary for other companies to emulate them. When the labor organizations monitor the work venues especially in the farms, with diplomacy and aid from their colleagues in other countries, slave in our society will be eradicated completely.

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