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Write a 3 page essay on The Robe of Love Myth, By Laura Simms.

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Because of the jealousy the other three somehow convinced the king that she the only source of all the troubles in the kingdom. One morning when she didn’t agreed King’s point of view, in a fit of rage he banished her from the kingdom by saying “Your ill will is the cause of all my problems. And, you have not born me a child after years of marriage!” (Laura Simms, p. 21). The Queen left to India. One night the Queen dreamed of a magnificent Golden Tree and by the next morning she became pregnant. The King also dreamed of the Golden Tree and went to India in search of her wife. Following the advise of a sage he went to find the Golden Tree, at last he found the Golden tree in the middle of the boiling lake. He risked his life and took a single branch from the tree and found his wife’s face on every leaf. He wept until his heart was cleansed of selfishness. He found his wife and asked for her forgiveness, she gladly forgave him.

‘The Magic Drum’ is a story about a young Inuit woman who refuses to marry. No man or suitor was ready to marry her because she was too different. When the woman saw a handsome strange she decided to get married but the stranger never looked at her. She followed him wherever he went. She followed him until she became a skeleton. When she felt something was burning she woke up and realized she was still a skeleton. An old man came to her house and said her dance while he plays the drums and vice versa. Strangely she became younger and the old man too became younger. They danced and laughed and finally disappeared. The old man pitted her fate and wanted to show his love towards her when only her skeleton remains were left. When she came to know that someone do care about her she felt happy and regained her body in flesh. He to regained his body and love for each other made them young. Pure and selfless love brings happiness and joy back into their lives.

‘Krishna and Radha’ is the story of Lord Krishna and the reincarnation of goddess of love Maya as Radha. Lord Krishna was a young boy who falls in love with Radha. Radha was much elder to Krishna and was fascinated by his charm. Other girls in the village were also attracted by his charm and fell deeply in love with him. Lord Krishna knows that other girls were also in love and since he don’t want to hurt their feelings allowed them to be in the fascinating dream world of pure and lust less love which is divine. Krishna and Radha were separated and later he became king and married, Radha waited for him all her life. He fought battles and had married more than once and was worshipped all over the country and still she waited for him. This story depicts the power of true and pure love that has immense patience and faith in his/her partner and willing to spend the whole life just waiting for them. Love has no boundaries and is there to be shared with everyone.

‘Savitri’ is a story of a woman who lost her husband. Princess Savitri was married to a king and both were happy. One day when she was worshipping the god she came to know about the demise of her husband. She was shell-shocked and was determined to get back her husband from the clutches of god of death. When God of death comes to earth to take the soul of her husband, she persuades him to bring her husband back alive. God of death denies her obligations and starts his journey. But the princess impresses him by praising his deeds and valor.

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