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Need an argumentative essay on New Mexico and the American West. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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2. Arizona has shrinking agricultural development while New Mexico’s is growing. Arizona has a less Hispanic speaking community than New Mexico. It also has a low population than New Mexico. Arizona has the largest population of American states with 6.6 million with New Mexico’s just over two million. Arizona has rapid population growth while New Mexico has a rather slow population growth. Arizona has many Indian communities while New Mexico has few Indian communities with Hispanic communities being dominant. Arizona has a history of political conservatism while New Mexico is not as conservative. 3. 1848-1865 – mining began in this period 1866-1878 – Mormon farming towns were raised and crops were grown and then sold to miners. 1879-1899 – transportation along with the mining of copper began here. Tombstone, a major mining town for copper emerged and grew. 1900-1939 – Copper boom was experienced in this stage and cattle and cotton farming developed as well. 1940 onwards – Arizona became an urban place. Economy shifted here and agriculture and mining declined as service industry took over. 4. The Navajo community live in circular homes called Hogan. When a person dies in a Hogan then they shut the doors of the Hogan as they believe that could come along with evil ghosts. They believe in a state of balance or harmony they refer to as hozho. They believe in traditional ceremonies like one called the blessing way which involves healers and singers attending. They have a ceremony called kinaalda which is one to signify the coming of age of a girl. Four sacred mountains of the Navajo include: the sierra Blanca in the east which means faith and thinking or white shell. Hesperus peak which refers to awareness and charity. mt. Humphrey which means life and love above. and mt. Taylor which means planning or blue turquoise. 5. The Mormon landscape had a grid of rather huge streets and there were also ditches on the sides of roads for irrigation purposes. Towns had rather open fields and there were also polygamous houses. There were also two by two houses and the towns had bans and granaries that had not been painted. The church meeting house was at the center of town and the residences were made of brick and stone. The plat for the city of Zion is basically the land tenure issue of the state of Utah. This refers to the need for irrigation, need for shared resources and the need for defence. This is also connected to the law of the Indies. 6. Utah was more or less an all Indian nation and it had Mormons settle in it. The state therefore had its key land tenure conflict being Mormons vs. gentiles. Utah has been praised for many reasons that make it different from the rest of America and one of these reasons is the fact that it has been rated the best state in America for economic growth. It is ranked highest for its economic dynamism by Forbes magazine and the USA today ranks this state first for the quality state government that it has. Prudential insurance ranks Utah as the fifth healthiest state in the states. The salt lake is in this state and it is therefore referred to as the Salt Lake City. Forbes ranks it as being the best city when it comes for jobs and it has as well been said to be the fittest city. The land tenure driver for Utah is the plat for the city of Zion and this is certainly due to the fact that the Mormon Church initially runs things there.

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