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Complete 11 page APA formatted essay: Quality 2.

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Earlier most goods and services were produces by the same person to meet quality. Production of a lot of brought many people to work at various production states to ensure quality products. In late 1800s businessmen like Fredrick Taylor and Henry Ford identified major limitation that affected mass production. Taylor instituted quality department that dealt with correcting errors and ensuring quality production whereas Ford traced on standardization quality to ensure all organization produced products fit for human consumption Arnaboldi, M., Azzone, G., Savoldelli, A. (2004).

Execution of quality in organization was the duty of quality departments. This mainly did inspection to ensure products were defect free. In the second half of 20th centaury, quality was emerged as a profession and a managerial tool. Over the year’s quality developed from simple control to engineering then to system engineering. Later in 1990s quality system emerged these are the quality management system and the total quality management Bryman, A., Stephens, M., Campo, C. (1996).

Quality is a depiction of the culture, attitude and ethics of an organization that aims at providing quality services and goods to its customers to satisfy them. The cultural part calls for adoption of quality system aspect in all the operations of an organization, Bryman, A., Stephens, M., Campo, C. (1996).

A quality management system (QMS)

These are set of rules or policies necessary for planning production of services and products in the business. QMS incorporates various forms of internal processes within the business environment and offers a implementation approach.QMS enables the organization to identify measures, controls an improve the various processes with a business that contributes to prosperity of the organization. In short QMS assists organizations to identify defects and prevent them from happening (Hill Stephen, 1991)

Quality management system helps the organization to.

accomplish high reliability in the operations they are engaged in including providing quality products or services

Decrease high costs of operations.

increase competence and sufficient by humanizing the use of time and the available resources

identifies and improves customer satisfaction

Market the organization to the rest of the world.

Discover other areas that they can engage in

control growth more efficiently by making it easier to incorporate new employees

frequently improve the products, processes and systems

Total management quality (TQM)

This is the process that ensures the totality of quality management in all departments within an organization. It entails planning, leading, managing and controlling. It called so because it ensures high output and meets the satisfaction of stakeholders including clients, suppliers and even employees, Bryman, A., Stephens, M., Campo, C. (1996).

In general TQM aims at.

Helping the management to make well informed decision that will help in the overall prosperity of the organization.

Help the organization as a whole to meet the needs and desire of the customer by carrying out market research before it embarks on production.

Ensuring that there is bottom top problem solving abilities.

Participation of all the stakeholders of the organization in the operations to ensure everyone is at per with the organizations performance.

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