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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic A freudian perspective on sexual deviance.

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Introduction Sexual deviance is one of the major problems of the society. People who suffer from sexual deviance not only lead an abnormal life but also become a threat to people in the society. Various research studies in the field of psychology, neurology and sociology have been conducted to understand the root cause of the problem of sexual deviance. It will be possible to reduce the prevalence of sexual deviance, and the harm it causes to the society, only if the psychological cause of the problem is found out and treated. One of the psychological theories that are found to helpful in understanding the problem of sexual deviance in depth is the psychodynamic theory. Psychodynamic theory is one of the most important theories in psychology which not only explains the possible causes of development of sexual deviance in people but also offers a therapeutic measure for it. Hence, if sexual deviance is to be understood and treated from its roots, then the theory that needs to be referred to and utilized is the psychodynamic theory as it can help not only in reducing the intensity of deviance in patients but can also help in preventing it from developing in personality. Sexual deviance Sexual deviance is a problem that is specific to particular culture and historic era (Ritzer &amp. Ryan, 2011, p.537). Hence, there is no one specific definition for sexual deviance as it is understood differently in different cultures. However, in general terms, sexual deviance is defined as “the behaviors that involve individuals seeking erotic gratification through means that are considered odd, different, or unacceptable to either most or influential persons in one’s community” (Ritzer &amp. Ryan, 2011, p.537). Hence, a person who violates general social norms or crosses the behavior related limits set by cultural setting regarding the sexual aspect of human being, is known as suffering from ‘sexual deviance’ (Ritzer &amp. Ryan, 2011, p.537). As is the case with most forms of ‘deviant behaviors,’ it is the beliefs, cultural backgrounds, morals and location of the community that influences the way in which sexual deviance is defined by different people (Ritzer &amp. Ryan, 2011, p.537). However, almost in all cultures and societies, sexual deviance is considered as a stigma, and as people hold strong views about the idea of sexual deviance, people who display sexual deviance are ostracized from the society (Ritzer &amp. Ryan, 2011, p.537). This shows how important it is to understand the problem of sexual deviance in depth and know who are most vulnerable in developing it. Vulnerable Population Different studies in the field of psychology, neurology and sociology have been conducted to understand what causes people to display sexually deviant behavior. Various studies were conducted even in the field of neurology to find out if there is any physical aspect of brain that causes sexual deviance in people. Studies have revealed that certain brain parts are responsible for sex related behavior in human beings. Hence, if these brain parts are damaged, then it leads to development of deviance in sexual behavior pattern of a person (Joyal, Black &amp. Dassylva, 2007, p. 157). For example, the frontal and temporal lobes are found to be strongly associated with sexual deviance in people (Joyal, Black &amp. Dassylva, 2007, p. 157). Study of six cases by Miller et al.

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