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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Behavior Couples Therapy for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

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Moreover, the therapy also focuses on strengthening relationships between couples after the detriment brought about by substance or drug abuse. This paper will highlight the basis and functionality of the therapy. Behavior couples therapy begins when an individual recognizes the need for assistance in the drug abstinence process, and consents to appreciate help from his or her partner. In some cases, both individuals may have a problem surrounding substance abuse necessitating a dual therapy. Usually, the initial help presented to drug abusers is detoxification, and thereafter, outpatient therapy sessions begin. The perfect timing for the behavior couples therapy is during the start of the outpatient counseling sessions. The patient attends the initial session on his or her own, during which the therapist highlights the importance of a couple therapy. If the patient concurs with the idea, the therapist conducts the patient’s partner, inviting him or her for the next session. During the initial session as a couple, the therapist must use discernment and address the feelings that are likely to emanate from two effectively. The therapist must make the patient’s partner realize the importance of supporting his or her partner to quit substance abuse at this critical point. There are two concrete phases in behavior couples therapy. The first phase concentrates on offering substance-related interventions, and in the later phase, the therapist can consider relationship-focused interventions. The substance-focused interventions intend to foster abstinence of the substance in question. On the other hand, the phase that focuses on empowering couple relationship serves to restore effective communication and understanding between the partners. (O’Farrell,&amp. Fals-Stewart, 2006). Substance-Focused Interventions in Behavior Couple’s Therapy Therapists advise a couple to commit to a daily recovery contract that includes a ‘trust discussion’. It is important for the couple to recognize the significance of this contract and adhere to it. The daily recovery contract requires the couple to devote to reserve a few minutes each day for the patient to take the relevant medication to aid in abstinence. During this time, the patient declares his or her willingness to avoid taking the drugs that specific day and receives positive reinforcement from the partner (O’Farrell,&amp. Fals-Stewart, 2006). However, a couple should refrain from discussing the any previous experiences brought about by substance abuse. Such sediments are a reserve for the weekly session with the therapist. Discussing such at home in the absence of the therapist to guide the couple has the potential of raising a conflict, and consequently a relapse. The therapist ensures that the couple practices how to play the different roles in the trust discussion in order to avoid inappropriate approaches. During the weekly meeting with the therapist, the couple gets an opportunity of reviewing their performance on the daily recovery contracts through analysis of the daily records. Moreover, the therapist considers weekly urine tests to monitor the level of the substance in the body. Some patients will require medication to foster their abstinence. Therefore, the medication plan becomes part of the daily recovery contract. The therapist must ensure that the prescription of medicine to the patient conforms to the Antabuse therapy.

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