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The author was born in a politically active family, meaning that he knows politics. He was raised on civil disobedience and thus came to have an anti-establishment attitude. The author indicates the fight for survival, and how they dedicated their lives in order for normality in the social, civil, political and environmental rights. Their power did not lie within the battle zone but within their pens and their minds. They used the greatest tool that mankind was given. the brain, and used it to attempt a transformation which eventually worked. Taking that the author was among them, it indicates that the author has an experience and provides first hand information about the corrupt ways of those in power2. The author is a professor emeritus of sociology and communications studies at the Sonoma State University and has also written several other books on the American way of life. Because of his background, it is easy to understand where the passion to write comes. It helps readers understand that the stories are not just stories, but they are real events written at a time when the things that are mentioned happened and needed to be stopped. In order for one to understand a book clearly, one has to have a connection with the author, a connection that Carl manages to make with readers. The book talks about various things from the social lives, cultural, civil and political aspects of the country when they were in no shape to be trusted. In the book, the stories inspire readers because they state the best way to combat evil3. The evils of corporate America need to be stopped, and according to book, the best way to do that would be to uncover these evils. Uncovering them would mean that the readers would know the truth about the country they live in and thus would be able to bring and influence the much needed change. The author is able to put this point across. that change starts from the lower levels and slowly rises to take over. The first step, according to the author would be to uncover the evils that stay hidden yet are visible. Then change begins to happen as the evils are phased out slowly until they are no more. The important process would be in identifying where the evils lie. Without this, then there would never be any changes4. The author inspires young journalists and leaders inspire change and be courageous enough state their mind through the power of the pen. The thesis of this book, therefore, can be stated as one which states to journalists and the readers of the book to inspire change and be courageous, and a new generation of people will be born through them. Thus a new generation of the nation will exist. Change starts with a small step, and from that small step one takes a huge leap to the destination that they are destined to head to. The author manages to get his point across to the readers of his book. He is able to influence the minds of readers into the real stories that have been written5. According to him, the best way to fight evil is by uncovering where the evils lie, and the best way to uncover them is if journalists take their best tools and transform them into the preachers of truth and justice. One needs to take courage and inspire people to make a change in their lives. The purpose of the author is to make the other authors become role models to people. Leaders need a role model in life to change the world. This can be seen from the writing of the book.

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