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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Reflection paper The roles of the olympic game.

The Games have highlighted the position of the leaders who have been a pioneer in suppressing racism. It also has been far more effective in fighting with the forces of doping and eliminating them. The example of Seoul Olympic Games could be seen as force that led to the democratization of the country. After the end of the Olympic Games in Seoul, the military rule in Korea was replaced by the regime of a multiparty that has been elected by the people. The Olympic Games have also provided a platform to the host nation to portray their economic dominance and a scope to establish their position as the world leader. The award of the Olympic Games to the host nation is also the recognition of the international community as place that has the infrastructure and the potential to hold international events. Hover, the characteristic features professed by the Olympic Games have contradicted themselves. This has been evident on a number of occasions that include the integration of the Nazi regime in the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. The massacre of student protestors during the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City is also an example which does not reflect the true spirit of the Olympic Games. Awarding the Olympic Games to Korea is another example which contradicts the principles and spirit of the Games. These factors were important for the consideration in context of the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008. Integration of readings The history of Olympic Games suggests that the greatest international event on sports in earth has always spread the message of peace, harmony and democratization of the world economy. It has also recognized the leadership position of the host nation in making economic progress and in effectively suppressing the forces of racism and discrimination. The contradictions to these virtues of Olympic Games held in the past showed ominous signs for the Olympic games of Beijing, 2008. In the past, the Berlin Games of 1936 showed acceptance of the Nazi regime as anti-humanist forces. The 1968 Games in the Mexico City also witnessed massacre of the student protestors. These negative incidents were likely to be accepted through the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008 as China got involved in several international incidents that affected its international image adversely (Horne and&nbsp.Whannel 67). As compared to the earlier instances in Berlin and Mexico City, the public image of the Chinese economy worsened even more. The incidents include the continuous repression of China over the territories of Tibet, failure in intervening in Darfur, Sudan and the lack of safety and environmental pollution of the exported goods. It was, therefore, a concern that the Olympic Games has again been awarded to a country that is not able to sustain its international positions as per the virtues and principles of the Games. Critical analysis The Olympic Games have been a platform which was used by the host nations over the period of history to portray their economic dominance in the international stage. The Olympic Games have always spread the message of harmony and peace and recognized the host nation as the flag holder of their virtues and principles. The international image of the countries that hosted the Olympic Games has been a significant factor against the forces of racism and discrimination. The Seoul Olympic Games led to the democratization of Korea. The Olympic Games were awarded at a time when South Korea was in a state of war with North Korea.

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