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1). Written Assignment Information

You have been asked by management to secure the laptop computer of an individual who was just dismissed from the company under unfavorable circumstances. Describe how you would start this incident off correctly by properly protecting and securing the evidence on the laptop.

2).Discussion Question:

Discuss one of the most important things you will take from this course. You do not have to document your sources for this question. It is an opinion question.


  • Students are required to post one original response for each discussion question, as well as a response to one classmate. Original responses should not be a word for word rehashing of what is stated in the readings, but rather an integration of the concepts and additional insights, either from real world experience or additional sources. It should be a 250 word response to my question each week by 11 p.m. on Wednesday evening. Your primary posting may end with a tag-line or a related question of your own. Between 1 a.m. on Thursday and 11 p.m. on Saturday, you should have done your secondary posting. Your secondary posting is a response to one classmate’s post. Each answer/response should be supported with research unless the question is opinion oriented. Responses to classmates should not be “I agree” or “I like the way you stated that.” These responses should again be insightful, offering an opinion or facts based on your research and experiences. The response to one classmate should be a minimum of 125 words. See APA criteria for citing resources.

Reply to class mate:

    This course has enabled me to gather knowledge regarding a lot of aspects, but the most prime one proves to be the safety of data through efficient backup strategies. I have been able to understand that an organization can suffer if it does not opt for efficient backup methods to safeguard the data and the information that it houses. Protecting the data will help the company during times of inconsistencies and peril, and it proves to be one of the highest factors that promote the integrity of the company. Before taking this course I had the general preference of going for a full backup method, but I have been able to learn the disadvantages that it possess. It is time-consuming and can be very ineffective if most of the files do not go through much change over time. Though full backup systems have their positive sides, investing in a differential or incremental backup can prove to be very useful.

     Through the process of differential backups, I could be selective when it comes to updating the files and data. Only the files that have gone through changes since the last full backup will be fit for the procedure. This process will reduce time consumption effectively, though the issue of locating the respective files and backing up everything will efficiency and accuracy might be a challenge.

     The other type of backup includes incremental backup strategies. Here, instead of backing up the changed files since the last full backup, only the data that has changed since the previous full or incremental backup must be selected while updating the files and software. This form of backup strategy helps more regarding the facts of time consumption as fewer data are needed to be backed up. Though there must be a complete backup at first for differential and incremental backup strategies to work. Once an organization invests the time necessary in full backup strategies, it can look at another method to save time.

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