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Write 17 page essay on the topic Federico World Travel Services.

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FWTS is concentrated on a friendly eco green environment that is both memorable and entertaining, giving the brand first class value. the company employs many revenue flow plans involving membership up-grade packages, Hotel and advertising packages for domestic airlines and outsourced advertising packages, the sales or brokering of accounting software, and subscription benefits for hotel chains. Primary traffic will originate from the free information provided to our FWTS customers and the world, using reviews, travel advice, local news resources, links, a blog, pictures, videos and universal articles, and allowing search engines to deliver guests to FWTS at no direct price. The earnings are generated perpetually as members submit content and new members are attracted, thereby attracting new advertisers. The brand model is developed specifically to fit an exponential function growth curve. Product and Services: Consultation related to activities and the complications of traveling Reservation and lodging facilities Special customized packages for travelers Pre-arranged tours Supplemental services also include helping customers in cases related to the acquisition of passports. Mission Statement: The mission statement of FWTS clearly illustrates the scale of services, its diversity, and the target market for which the business intends to offer its services. Industry: Developing an approach of understanding the different kinds of applications that can be used primarily for improving the reputation of their businesses. Therefore, the strategic interests of businesses have leaned towards the e-commerce industry, which was later symbiotically affiliated with the Internet. Business Objectives and Goals: To shift attention towards things that carry a more “sustainable” functioning procedure and image. FWTS labels itself as a full-service tourism business. If its suppliers fail to live up to these expectations, they will be expelled from the corporation. Competitive Advantages: FWTS is always creating new ideas to improve the company and discovering new adventure destinations. The company strives to improve travel facilities, equipment, and technology and adopt the strategy of price leadership. Strengths: The market and size of the travel industry is continuously growing FWTS receives a majority of the customer base Weaknesses: FWTS is not very popular among people above 40 years of age, and does not capture a fair share of this specific market. Conclusion: In these competitive times, all organizations intend to introduce measures to being bring creativity to their marketing strategies and advertise the products they provide. Topic: Federico World Travel Services Introduction A marketing plan is the guideline to all the activities that a company uses to penetrate the industry market in order to sell its products and have a share in the market (Micheal,2010). To start with when formulating a marketing plan solid industry and market analysis is vital (Michael &amp. Susan, 2007). In the travel industry, the current players such as Air America, Fly emirates, Air Dubai do not satisfy customer needs because the market is too big for them to exhaust. Therefore, FWTS will take advantage of these weaknesses to satisfy customer needs and penetrate the market. Also, the current major players in the industry are poorly distributed only in the major cities again this is a major weakness which FWTS will capitalize on, by providing its services everywhere in the world.

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