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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Contributions of Civil rights Movement in post-world war America to the Political and Social Development of the United States.

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The paper tells that following the civil war, the thirteenth amendment eradicated slavery and the blacks gained their freedom. The freed blacks were mostly illiterate and were property or money bereft. In the south where there was slavery predominance, inequality and racism were rampant. The state and federal governments facilitated many democratic reforms in the 1860s and 1870s to support black assimilation into the white people. The 14th amendment guaranteed the blacks equal rights which were federally protected. The 15th amendment provided approval rights for every black man to vote. Throughout the construction era, new found rights were short lived. The southern whites employed various means to bar the blacks from enjoying any citizenship benefits. They kept the blacks totally disenfranchised through intimidation and harassment. A Cold War rose up in America as the World War II came to an end. Momentous changes in America pertinent to nationalization emerged. The changes enhanced support for an emergent Civil Rights Movement that chiefly aimed at doing away with southern segregation rules and overturning the 1896 ramifications of the Plessy vs. Ferguson case at the Supreme Court. Both the congress and the court in 1954 affirmed what individuals like Martin Luther King were preaching to both white Americans and the black. The black Americans had courageously served in the Second World War which was celebrated for its outstanding contributions even though segregation still continued in the armed forces. While the black Americans were roughly 10% of the whole population, they were approximately 11% of all registered in the military service. American Civil rights were strongly aided by the augmentation of Liberal Democrats in the northern part of America that were firmly in desegregation support (Cashman 82). On the other hand, Republicans were moving towards the southern part where segregation took the fore front. The “I have a Dream” words of Martin Luther King Junior at the nation’s capital were probed up by the civil rights words. In collaboration with other black activists, they were main partakers in the Civil Rights Movement. In the first place, this movement was to abolish slavery and weighty intimidations and harassments of the black. Segregation in the communal schools was not constitutional. Earl Warren the chief justice presented the separate but equal decision by the court was a violation of the Africa American’s rights. An incident that attracted the public eye was unfolded in Montgomery where there was segregation of the black Africans at the buses. The blacks were to reserve seats for the whites whenever the whites have filled the front seats. This law was defied by Park who was a black and was later arrested. The black community responded to the arrest by a one day boycott of the public buses of Montgomery. A lead massive movement organized by preacher Martin King Luther Jr., NAACP and other African leaders challenged the racist laws of Montgomery. The boycotts went on for more than one year despite harassment and taunting from the white community. The federal courts then intervened by desegregating the buses on 21st December the year 1956. As the pace quickened, the blacks made an effort to attentively pass an Act of Civil Rights that would enforce other rights including voting rights. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee i.e.

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