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Hi, I need help with essay on Advocacy campaign against child abuse. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Child abuse is an issue popular and existing worldwide. However, contrary to what most people know, it does not only mean inflicting physical harm on a child. This is a common misconception. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada child abuse occurs when a parent, guardian, or caregiver mistreats or neglects a child, resulting in injury, significant emotional or psychological harm, or serious risk of harm to the child.Child abuse can take many forms, the most common and well-known of which is physical abuse. It is any deliberate application of force on a child’s body, which causes or may cause injury. Another form is sexual abuse which involves an adult using a child for any sexual purpose.Not providing a child’s essential needs is classified as neglect. This form of child abuse can further be categorized into physical and emotional neglect.The last type of child abuse is the emotional abuse which means attacking a child’s sense of self.Up to about 80 to 98% of children suffer physical punishment in their homes with a third or more experiencing severe physical punishment resulting from the use of implements.In 2004, 218 million children were involved in child labor, with 126 million exposed to hazardous work This is a clear reflection of how rampant child abuse is. It is a universal concern.It is a major social problem. It is, therefore, necessary to start an effective campaign against this issue to save more children from being victims of violence.The project, basically, involves producing an effective advocacy campaign against child abuse. Since the media has always been known and proven to be effective in disseminating information, it is the best tool to use in trying to make the campaign known to a wider scope of audience and a larger market. The project is going to be a TV advertisement because TV reaches more people as compared to the radio and print media. Taking advantage of this media technology would give better chances of selling the idea that child abuse should be stopped.

Aside from its benevolent purpose of helping the oppressed, this project will open doors for the advertising agency by drawing in more clients, such as cause-oriented groups and private firms who are willing to shed out money for the production of an effective, cause-oriented campaign. This equates to more money and even more opportunities. If this project becomes successful, there will be enough funds to invest on manpower which will allow the agency to have a bigger production. This will then lead to expansion, and therefore, more profit.



The first and most important thing that the project requires is a production team-composed of a director, production assistant, scriptwriter, editor, visual artist, cameraman and other crew members deemed necessary. This team will be in charge of conceptualizing the flow of the campaign- from the storyline, to the storyboard, the script, and the production process. The production process will be divided into three stages, pre-production, production and the post-production.

Before beginning with the rest of the steps, there should be adequate data which will serve as bases for the storyline and the script. Gathering of the necessary materials should be done by the researcher.

The necessary production equipment and materials, such as the video camera, props, costumes and others should also be provided.

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