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Need an argumentative essay on Negative & Positive Examples of Modern Technology. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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TVs, cellular phones and new wireles-communications networks have changed the amount of information people receive, the way it is received, and what it costs. In spite all the facts mentioned above Modern Technology has both positive and negative impact on live of a common man.

Computers become a common thing for millions of people around the globe. Advances in IT hardware and software have made improvements in technology in many fields possible. Advances in PC technology have resulted in the availability of new channels of communication, an increased flow of information, and sharply lowered costs. From the standpoint of a user, additional products are available and costs of PC are reduced. The advantages of PC is that it allows complete a complicated task in a short period of time. For instance, big databases can be stored in PC which makes it easy to work with them. PCs allow a user work with graphic, print, audio, and video. Because of modern computer technologies the Internet and World Wide Web becomes a reality. At present, Internet usage is heaviest in the United States. The growth of the Internet has recast the role of information systems in life of an average citizen. The Internet is becoming the foundation for new communication. Using PC and Internet we can communicate with a friend in Australia or New Zealand at low cost. Today, computers are widely used in manufacturing. They become an integral part of many technological processes especially in chemical industry or aerospace here computers control and regulate processes hazardous for human health (Weil, Rosen, 1997).

In spite advantages of computers, this technology has a negative impact on us. In recent years high-tech garbage has become a big concern. Anyone who has bought a computer knows it is getting old as soon as you get it at home. If a computer has a fault, it’s more economical to throw it away than to mend it. Another problem is that PCs do not function properly all the time. Usually, problems occur when you do not expect them. The most common problems with computers are: the file may have disappear, heavy traffic on on-line service prevents you to find information, viruses destroy soft ware and may cause hard disk failures. If this occurs it takes much time to repair PC. On the other hand, data loss can cause great problems which cannot be solves in a short period of time.

Modern Science is important to most people living in the modern world for a number of reasons. In particular, science is important to world peace and understanding, to the understanding of technology, and to our understanding of the world. Mastering of cosmos was another step in science when Gagarin made the first space flight in 1951. Atomic energy proposes production of cheap electricity at low cost. In some cases, such as technology for taking salt out of ocean water technology may be essential for our lives on Earth. Scientists are learning to predict earthquakes, are continuing to study many other natural events such as storms and hurricanes such as Katrina. Scientists are also studying various aspects of human biology and the origin and developments of the human race. For instance, gene engineering and stem cells researches made a great leap in the understanding of human being and treatment of such diseases as cancer and Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

The most dangerous is that modern science cannot even predict the results of their searches.

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