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In response to a workplace scenario, you will conduct research into digital applications and trends for use in the workplace. You will presentation to a management audience to explain recommendations. Write a reflection explaining: the process of research you undertook, and how you keep up-to-date with relevant digital trends.

1. Read the following scenario.

You are a team leader (within an organisation as agreed with your assessor). You have been asked by your manager to review the digital information needs of your team, including for communications and collaboration (e.g. from management to team, within the team, team-to-team, team to clients and external stakeholders), use of workplace technology, and networking.

You will need to presentation to explain at least one recommendation for improvement, with reference to internal needs (e.g. operational goals and policies and procedures) and external needs (e.g. legislative requirements).

2. Meet with your assessor to agree on a suitable workplace or organisation to use as the basis of this task and to agree on timeframes for completion of this assessment task.

Note: A suitable workplace is a real or simulated workplace in which you have access to operational plans, policies and procedures (including for procurement and intellectual property) that will allow you to sufficiently determine information needs.

3. Conduct research for the presentation, using a range of online and print sources. You will need to conduct online research using valid and reliable sources (at least three sources). Keep records of sources for submission to your assessor.

4.The presentation that you prepare will need to:

? identify and discuss at least one proposed digital application for communications, technologies and networks for use by your team, for example, new software, social media platform, etc.

? sell your solution: What is the issue or need? Why is your proposed solution the answer to the team’s needs? Refer to relevant operational plans and objectives, budgets, policies and procedures and legislation, as relevant

? discuss the proposed creation, storage and retrieval of digital information under your proposed application.

5.(one page) write a reflection on the process you undertook to determine team digital information needs, including reference to:

? operational plans and policies

? determining validity and reliability of sources (include reference to at least three valid and reliable sources)

? relevant processes for storage of the research and presentation for future business use, and

? a description of strategies you use to ensure you keep up to data with digital trends for application in the workplace.

6. Submit your reflection in accordance within the agreed timeframe and in accordance with the key requirements outlined below.


You must submit:

? a presentation on a digital application to a management audience, including notes, slides, etc.

? a written reflection on the process of research and strategies for keeping up-to-date on trends.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of the following foundation skills:

? reading skills to source, analyse and interpret information, including technical data, in the context of meeting organisational strategy and compliance requirements

? workplace navigation skills to monitor adherence to organisational policies and legal requirements

? digital workplace skills to conduct online research and investigate new digital technologies and applications to support organisational plans.

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