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In addition to this, several non-human activities, such as variation in the orbit of earth around the sun, rapid changes in atmospheric composition, volcanic eruptions and solar luminosity are also responsible for the global climate change. Global climate change has become one of the most challenging and critical issue that is affecting ecological and environmental balance of the globe. It is difficult to justify the major responsible reasons behind this global warming. Several scientists have argued that human beings’ unethical activities are responsible for this issue. On the other hand, some of the scientists around the globe are trying to illustrate that volatile change in natural and environmental structure is causing rapid global climate change. The essay will provide an argument on the topic i.e. “Can the humans be held responsible for global warming?” Major Reasons behind Global Warming There are several reasons behind the climate and temperature change in the earth’s surface. The part of the essay will provide an argument about the real causes behind the global warming and rapid global. climate change. Non-Human Reasons The temperature of the earth depends upon the balance between the planet’s system and energy entering. When the energy from sun is absorbed, earth warms. On the other hand, when the energy of the sun is reflected back then the earth generally avoids warming. There are several non-human reasons that are affecting the global temperature. Green house effects, variation in the energy of sun and change in earth’s surface as well as atmospheric reflectivity are the factors responsible for global warming. Several scientists pieced a picture of the climate, dating back thousands of years through the analysis of various indirect measures like tree rings, glacier lengths, ice cores, and ocean sediments, changes in the orbit of earth and pollen remains. The valuable historical record shows that the global climate system varies naturally (Lawson 22). The output of the sun shows narrow variations over the course of a particular 11 year time cycle. These cyclic changes effectively correlate with the frequency and number of sun spot. It is known as solar cycle. This solar spot is growing slowly and gradually. However, the rapid increase of solar spot is affecting global climate. The climate is getting hotter and hotter due to this reason. On the other hand, position of the earth with respect to the sun slightly varied over a longer period of time due to the change in orbit of earth. However, this frequent change is termed as Milankovitch cycle (Shrivastava 109). According to the view of several scientists, these changes are major culprits for the global climate change since the Ice Age of earth. These changes have limited impact on the global temperature and climate change for a shorter time cycle. These changes have occurred slowly and gradually. This Milankovitch change has impacted the global climate and earth surface’s temperature. It has resulted in long-term climate and temperature fluctuations. Water vapor is considered as the most abundant green house gas in the atmosphere of earth although the changes in the water vapor’s concentration are generally the result of temperature changes. Consequently, this water vapor can significantly act as the part of feedback loop (Arnold 272). In the feedback loop, the increase in temperature typically triggers an effective increase in the evaporation of the water.

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