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Need an argumentative essay on Acupuncture: an effective treatment. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Acupuncture is practice or way to cure several diseases, through inserting needles in skin.This practice results in health and welfare of the patient. This technique of medical care was originated about more than 2000 years ago in China. At present, American practices of punctures, has been taken from Korean, Chinese and Japanese and from culture of other countries. In USA, this technique is practiced by the insertion of hair thin needle in the skin and in the strategic point of the body (Mediline plus). This ancient technique was practice of the Chinese, to relieve pain. Acupuncture is an effective technique. It helps in reducing vomiting and feeling of nausea in patient, after chemotherapy or surgery. Researchers have failed to understand fully that how does this ancient technique of acupuncture works. May be this technique mainly targets the activities of pain and initiates the release of pain killing substances present in the human body. It is also found that this technique controls the flow of blood pressure. The Chinese describes this traditional technique as a mean of balance the flow of energy known as CHI. This energy flows through different routes in the human body. The insertions of hair thin needles help in the flow of energy and rebalance it. Many western researchers have proved that this techniques target points which stimulates the tissues muscles and body nerves. This result in improvement of activities of the body’s own pain killer and also increases the movement of the blood in the system (Staff). RESEARCH CONDUCTED TO STUDY THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ACUPUNTURE EVALUATING THE CLINICAL EFFICACY OF ACUPUNTURE In traditional Chinese medical history, acupuncture is considered as a technique of inserting needles in the human body. These insertions of needles then start governing the pain and insert the flow of energy from the universe into the human body, from the points where the needles were inserted. It’s not necessary that needles must be inserted at the points where one experience pain. The main function of acupuncture is that it re-harmonizes the balance of hormones. Acupuncture stimulates certain points of the body which increases the flow of blood and this helps the body in fighting diseases (GZBeauty). The most important problem related with this technique is that its concept does not merge with the medical science. This technique is more on philosophical side then on practical one. The researchers have failed to explain that what actually is making this practice work from so many ages. All the studies that have been conducted yet, shows that the advantage and the side effects related to this technique are almost same. There are many researchers that have proved the efficacy of acupuncture. They have proved this by experiments and clinical trial. Following are the findings of some researchers. TESTING ACUPUNCTURE’S EFFICACY In the case of acupuncture it is difficult to design double blind test as it is a technique not a medicine. It was really difficult to design an experiment in which to double blind both the acupuncturist and the patient as well. Therefore in many cases an experiment was conducted by the help of retractable needle, which showed as if an acupuncturist is penetrating needles in the skin but actually they did not (Glenn D. Braunstein, Huff Post Los Angeles). It is difficult to hide the efficacy and the important of acupuncture from the person providing or applying the technique. The positron emission tomography (PET) showed that when the actual needles were inserted in the body, it created some changes in the brain but when the placebo needles were inserted they too resulted in the same effect as the actual needles. When acupuncture has started being adopted by some medical care unit for the treatment of patient, some German researchers conducted trials for some patients. These trials were conducted for the patients suffering from chronic low back pain.

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