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Case 1:

A furniture store in Sharjah advertised a convertible sofa cum sleeper as:”Big enough to sleep two people; nice oak finish; wide choice of fabrics; AED 999″This advertisement has created lots of interest among the customers. The customersresponded from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and other cities.Ahmed, a customer is interested in the item that was advertised and goes to the store.When he arrives at the store he is told that there are only a few left and that there wasn’tone set up. The salesperson says that she does not know where the ones in the warehouseare and that it will take a while to locate them. The salesperson tries to interest Ahmed insome of the more expensive models in the showroom, but Ahmed is not interested. Thecustomer insisted to see the product that was advertised.Finally, Ahmed is able to see the advertised product for AED. 999 and was shocked.Even when opened out as a bed, it is several inches narrower than a full-size mattress. Inaddition, the finish on the wood is poorly applied. Lastly, Ahmed is told that the onlyfabric colors are white and black, and that they are currently out of stock on the gray andwhite. The customer was unhappy.


A. What is right and wrong in the above case? Has the store violated any trade andbusiness law? Explain violations by the furniture store at Sharjah.B. Describe sale of goods law and consumer laws in the Middle East to support youranswer in brief.

Case 2:

Alfa LLC a drug company in the Middle East has recently developed a new weight-lossdrug that is available only by doctor’s prescription. This drug has some significant sideeffects, but is quite effective for helping individuals lose weight.The drug is being heavily advertised directly to the public, resulting in large numbers ofindividuals contacting their doctors in order to get a prescription for the drug. Because ofthe side effects, this drug is intended only for persons who are severely overweight.Some of the advertising for this drug emphasizes the happiness and beauty that can resultwhen one is slender, leading many doctors to over prescribe the drug.


A. What is Alfa LLC trying to do? Discuss the drug company’s actions in light of the legal provisions of sale of goods law and consumer laws.

B. What did you learn from this legal case that you may use it in your business or someone else’s business.

Case 3:Abdel Latif Ali purchased a brand new Toyota Camry. He went to a local car dealershipin downtown to get his car. He received his car at the back of the dealership’s showroom.Abdel Latif got into his car, checked out the interior, fastened his belt, and slowly droveout of the car dealership enclosure.Abdel Latif carefully entered a main road and merged smoothly into traffic which wasparticularly heavy; most cars were tailgating. A careful driver, Abdel Latif kept twometers away from the car in front of him. Traffic lights were a few meters away. The carin front of him sped and drove through the yellow light. Abdel Latif put on his brakes tostop the car, but to no avail; the brakes were inoperative. His car crashed into the rightside of a car making a left turn from the opposite direction. The driver of this car did nothave his seatbelt on. The crash threw him off his seat onto the windshield. His headlanded strongly on windshield, rendering him instantly unconscious. The driver was incoma for seven days. On the eighth day, he died of cerebral concussion and hemorrhage.It is worth noting that Abdel Latif has had a valid driver license for more than twelveyears and has been driving for at least ten years. During this period, he never had anytraffic accident or any black points on his driving record.

Questions:A. What kind of lawsuit should be filed and by whom? Who is the plaintiff and whois the defendant? What did you learn from the above case to apply in a business?

B. Describe sale of goods act and consumer laws in the Middle East to support youranswer in brief.

Section “B” –  :Case 1:Khalid has just graduated from Al Ghurair University with a combined degree inengineering and marketing. Khalid is planning to start a business to develop a new typeof corn chip and packaging. By using special technology both in the product itself and inthe packaging, Khalid has developed corn chips that will stay fresh in the originalpackaging for several years after they are produced. Khalid’s planned factory site islocated on some land adjacent to a major water source. Khalid plans to produce thepackaging and process the corn chips in the same factory.Khalid knows that the special plastics for the packaging will result in the production ofhazardous waste, and that the production process will produce toxic air pollutants. Inaddition, there will be some wastewater from the plant. The production process results inthe water being heated to a high temperature. Lastly, because of the storage of the foodon the premises prior to production, Khalid will need to use chemicals to control rats,bugs, and other pests.

Questions:A. What is Khalid trying to do? What are the environmental hazards due to Khalid’snew business?

B. What do you know about the legal reasoning of business laws and environmentalpolicy in the Middle East? Discuss the environmental laws that might affectKhalid’s business.

Case 2:Majid has great plans to become rich and retire young. He has purchased some land nearArab Mall, Dubai near Safa Park. He originally planned to operate his business on thisland. His business is a new advanced high-tech go-kart track. One feature of this track isto have the turns banked at a higher angle, allowing higher speeds. Another feature issmaller go-karts that younger children can drive.Majid remembers his childhood; being dragged on family vacations and being told tolook at boring scenery when all he wanted was some fun and action. He will even offerbaby-sitting services so that parents can drop the kids off and enjoy the park while thekids are getting worn out. Majid has just learned about the possibility of leasing some National Desert Service landat a better location closer to the park entrance. He would need to get a permit. He isafraid that the permit might be turned down because of the traffic and noise that hisbusiness would create.

Questions:A. What is Majid trying to do? Will he be able to succeed in starting the newbusiness? What do you know about Environmental Policy?

B. Discuss how the legal reasoning of business law in particular the environmentallaws that might affect Majid’s plans.

Case 3:

Mona has decided to open a business that sells novelty exploding chocolates. Mona hasactually been in the candy business for many years, but suffering losses due to high laborcost in the business.The sugar piece will be surrounded by chocolate. As the hollow piece of sugar melts insomeone’s mouth, or if the person bites on the sugary center, the carbon dioxide willexplode with surprising force. Mona knows that the new business will be a grand successif she keeps control over the labor costs.Mona has a novel idea of controlling the labor cost by employing child labor and seniorcitizens and made a deal to employ them paying one third of the normal salary / wages.This will improve the efficiency of the business and earn high profits.

Questions:A. What is Mona trying to do? Will she be able to succeed in her new laboremployment practice?

B. What do you employ the legal reasoning of business law relating to labor laws?Discuss the labor laws that might affect Mona’s business

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