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This is just a proposal. 

You are supposed to do the first stage only (proposal) which is highlighted in the attached pdf file.

I chose the era (The Classical Greek period), and I chose the question (How should I be governed).

Please read the requirements CAREFULLY. You will provide three perspective of the era and a short annotation for each providing the resources. You will provide more resources, in addition to the following two:

– Gombrich, A Little History of the World; 9780300143324

     (Gombrich, pp. 62-72)

– Kalthoff, ed., Western Heritage: A Reader; ISBN: 9780916308278

     (Plato, WH, pp. 93-110)

     (Aristotle, WH, pp. 111-147)

     (Epicurus, WH, pp. 167-170)

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