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You will be creating a Hangman program. In this game, the computer will have a hard coded word and the user will enter one letter at a time until he or she has guesses the correct word. A score will be tallied that will be the number of incorrect guesses the user has. So a smaller score is better.

Initially the word will be displayed as a list of special characters such as ‘*’ or ‘-‘. The user will input one letter at a time and each input will be compared with the word. If the guess is correct the letter will be displayed rather than the special character. Each incorrect guess will increment the score. When the user guesses the correct word the game will be over. 

Design and code the program to display the input and output for the Hangman program. Use your last name as the word to guess. Each letter will be a char data type. Start by having the user enter 10 letters to guess.  My Last Name Is Timmons.

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