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Class Exercise for Table Join

  • 1.List product and corresponding vendor information in a single tale
  • 2.List only the customers to whom invoices were sent with their relevant invoice numbers.
  • 3.Give the Product Code and Product Description for Invoice = 1007
  • 4.Give all the Customer Information for Invoice = 1007
  • 5.List Customer Information with the Product Information that each customer has ordered.
  • 6.Find out how many invoices the Customer whose code is 10014 has received (a single number that represents the count).
  • 7.List Customer Information along Product Information that Customer, 10015, has ordered.
  • 8.List Customer Information along Vendor Information on Product that Customer, 10014, has ordered.
  • 9.List all customers. Print the invoice number(s) along the customer information if they have received invoices.
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