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  •   Read  “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” by Adam Gopnik found in the readings  tab.  This is not in the book.  After you’ve read the assignment, answer  the questions below:1)  While not strictly focused on defining words, the Gopnik’s essay does  explore and thereby define some terms and ideas.  Aside from “paracosm”  (which he literally offers a definition for), what ideas or words does  the essay define?  Find two terms or ideas that the essay explores and  provide a definition for them based on the essay’s narrative message.   Explain your definition based on evidence from the essay.  (short  paragraph for each (3+ sentences))2)  List two of the terms you may use for the upcoming definition essay.  For each,  summarize a personal story/narrative that you could use to help define  the term or defend your definition. (paragraph for each (4+ sentences))ex. “Puppy love” – To define puppy love, I would use the story of when I was in middle school and there was this one girl . . . 
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