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I need a tutor that can assist with a live Quiz I am about to start. The quiz is for 2hr 30mins .So I need a fast expert who can finish in 2hrs. Areas of concentration are  

  •          Advantages and disadvantages of       various forms of ownership
    • Functions of managerial finance 
    • Explanation of, calculation of,       and evaluation of the DuPont Identity
  •          Calculation of TVM problems

         Risk and return of assets alone and in portfolios

  • Types of risk
  •         Calculation of stock valuation       using DDM
    • Calculation of bond valuation       using
    • CAPM 
    • Calculation of WACC
    • Calculation of NPV, IRR, payback       period, discounted payback period
    • Use of NPV, IRR, payback period,       and discounted payback period in capital budgeting
  •         Corporate Valuations
    • Calculation of Cash Conversion       Cycle
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