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8. Which of the following statements do scientist believe to be true (circle all that are correct)

A. The universe is contained within our solar system

B. Our solar System is contained within the universe

C. The universe is older than our solar system

D. The universe is younger than our solar system

E. Our solar System is called the Milky Way

F. The Moon just appeared in the sky

G. The Earth pulled the Moon away from another Planet

H. The Earth was hit by a planetoid and the moon formed from the piece that broke off

I. Our Galaxy is called the Milky Way

J. Stromatolites were Oxygen pumps which helped produce the 3rd atmosphere

K. Trilobites pumped oxygen into the atmosphere

L. The Hadean ended when water appeared

M. The Archean ended with oxygen in the atmosphere

N. Our Solar System is smaller than the Milky Way

O. The Milky Way is bigger than the Universe

P. The Milky Way is a candy bar

Q. You’re tired of these stupid Milky Way questions

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