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Read Part 1 of the Buffalo Creek Disaster. Review the Part 1 Buffalo Creek Questions and respond to them in detail. At a minimum you response should be 5 pages double spaced. Due date is Monday, April 23, 2018 before the start of class.

The Buffalo Creek Disaster: How the Survivors of One of the Worst Disasters in Coal-Mining History Brought Suit Against the Coal Company- And Won

by Gerald M. Stern

Questions Relating to:

Buffalo Creek Disaster

By: Frank Spreng

            Part One

1.      What were the actual facts which gave rise to the Buffalo Creek disaster?

2.      What was the relationship between Buffalo Creek Mining Company and Pittston Co.?

3.      Was this lawsuit proper in West Virginia? In a Federal Court? What difference did it make whether the case ended up in Federal or State court?

4.      Explain the meaning of diversity jurisdiction. Why was the corporate veil issue so important?

5.      Take note of the discussion of depositions, damages and mental suffering.

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