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Need an argumentative essay on : Michael Feldstein. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Michael has his reasons for not taking the China job. His argument is that the kids would not react happily to leaving behind New York and their school and all their friends and moving to China, and that China would be a setback for Karen, who has already sacrificed a lot for her husband. But again, Fred Hassan has a point. Does Michael want to remain with Lafleur Pierre Hoffman’s offer should be read as meaning that for Michael, it’s either China or nothing. Supposing that Michael does not want to move to China, would he be willing to stay with Lafleur Would he like to try out other opportunities in New York Karen and Michael need to have a discussion on what they think is important. If they want to stay on in New York for the sake of Karen’s career (the children would not be a problem since at their young age, relocating would be fairly easy for them), maybe he should consider joining another company. If they agree that he should remain with Lafleur, then the best option available to Michael would be moving to China.

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