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please check attachment for an sample of brief a case, follow each instruction carefully. Due after 4 hours.

The student will select (5) cases to review from the following list:(need one only)

· Bell vs. Wolfish

· Stanford vs. Kentucky

· Wolff vs. McDonnell

· Mistretta vs. United States

· Furman vs. Georgia

· Bordenkircher vs. Hayes

· Duncan vs. Louisiana

· Hernandez vs. New York

· Georgia vs. McCollum

Richards vs. Wisconsin 

The student is responsible for reviewing all of the case studies listed. The student will write a report documenting the history of the case (name, date, detailed information with regards to the case, place and final outcomes/dispositions). These reports are to be a minimum of 2 full typed pages. Failure to meet full-page requirement will result in a zero grade. Students are not permitted to use direct quotes and citations are required for all case studies. Each report will include a summary of the social impact of the case in relation to the study of criminology. Appropriate documentation must appear at conclusion of report.

https:// must use these resources only . 


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