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Write a 1 page essay on Sociology: a brief biography on a person listed in the Forbes 500.

From a very early age Spielberg began to create movies, charging 25 cents admissions to an audience who would come to view home films that staged the wreckage of his train sets.

Spielberg’s first claim to fame was a photography merit badge he won as a member of the Boy Scouts. His education remained a secondary interest as he was removed from the University of Southern California and moved to University of California,

Long Beach where he didn’t finish his degree until 35 years later: 2002.

During this period Spielberg had begun to intern at Universal Studios and soon the strength of his work was appreciated by those around him as he became the youngest director to be signed for a long-term film.

There after, certainly no opportunity to look back. Close encounters of the third kind in 1977 won Spielberg his first Academy nominations. He continued to produce a number of films and is still considered a huge name in the film industry. Along with this he also has a foot in the production of different video games. This ensures his capability as a superior direction in any genre of

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