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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Organization Diversification.

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Besix is one of the oldest construction companies and on the verge of completing its 100th year of operation as it was founded in 1909. Ever since then, it has through the above four factors impressively become the largest construction company of Belgium and diversified into almost every field related to construction projects nationally and world-wide. As a Group, Besix employs in excess of 12,000 people in its diversified operations and in the year 2005, its annual turnover was reported at an approximate figure of Euros 1 billion.

With Besix’s management’s planning, organizing and controlling experience that it has gained through its years of construction related work, it has been able to internationally diversify primarily in construction, engineering and development of properties. The Group intends to become a leading player that will serve the Western and Central European markets from Belgium and the Middle East market from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where it has expanded its construction business since 1967 and become among the region’s top most contractors.

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