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For example in the issue of child brides where the majority of which are seen in India, studies show that women in these countries are wed or engaged as children as part of their custom and traditions. Because it is a local custom, this abuse is seen not only among women children but even among males who are married before the age of ten.

Even if there were missing data from some countries, the report was able to show the current issues faced by children and women in terms of violence and abuse. These countries that had no data provided such as China which has the largest population in the world and have a one-child policy may have declined giving data. There is also a recommendation to improve the gathering of data in these countries in order to strengthen the cases of reported abuse among children in these regions.

Poverty was also targeted as the cause for the majority of children not being registered at birth in South Asia. This non-registration according to the report makes these children ineligible for basic rights such as voting, going to school or getting passports.

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