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Need an argumentative essay on Zoroastrianism. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Zoroastrianism shares similarities with the Buddhist spiritual path. The greatest similarity is how much stock is put into good thoughts, deeds, and words, and how each of these things can lead to peace. The main Buddhist belief is that the aforementioned qualities will aid a person in living a life of happiness, peace, and contentment. Zoroastrianism and Buddhism also have their differences, with the most noticeable one being that while Zoroastrianism worships a god, Buddhism does not have a deity. Buddha, the prophet of Buddhism, a simply a teacher and does not take on the qualities of a god. Zoroastrianism also believes in heaven and hell, while Buddhism focuses more on enlightenment and reincarnation.

Hinduism is another religion that Zoroastrianism has similarities and differences. Both religions share the view of good words and thoughts equating to a good, wholesome life. They are both also considered to be philosophical paths, as well as religions. Hinduism has one primary god, just as Zoroastrianism, but it also has additional deities. There is no founding figure or prophet in Hinduism, but the religion was created out of the sagas of ancient India.

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