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For the following assignment, you are asked to reflect on the concepts you have learned in this unit. At the beginning of the unit, you learned about the bureaucracy, its structure, and how it works or does not work. Following that, you learned about the judiciary, its structure, and how it works. In addition, you learned about the power that the judiciary can wield within thefederal bureaucracy. After reviewing these concepts, compose a paper which discusses the following topics:In one of your required readings, you read that some people feel that the bureaucracy is more than just a system executing the wishes of government officials. According to some people, the bureaucracy is the real government. Do you agree with this statement? Why, or why not?Outline the structure, functions, and nature of the federal bureaucracy and the judicial system.Discuss how the judiciary can serve to curb some of the power of the bureaucracy as well as other branches of the government.Explain the concept of the iron triangle and offer an example of how it can influence policymaking.Identify how the knowledge you gained in this unit has affected the way you view the inner workings of government. 

Your paper must be at least three pages, double-spaced, and in 12-point Times New Roman font.

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