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Write a 1 page essay on Art and Design: Whats the Big Difference.

Whereas a design needs to convey a provided body of information, the main function of art is to intensify a person’s perception of reality. In some cases, these functions tend to coincide. that is, in a medieval stained glass window. However, the functions are diverged today. Design tends to be utilitarian in a way that art is not. Basically, design is how to order the parts, how to convey the information, and how to how to serve interests of the client. On the other hand, art is its own end. Art is not utilitarian. Mostly, it subordinates normal usefulness to its own functions. It does not concern itself with the description in a manner in which illustration does, nor the public’s tastes as the fashion does (Brady).

Many people tend to think of the artist standing before a blank canvas and simultaneously think of the start and the end of the painting. Usually, the artist has an end at the back of his or her mind. On the other hand, a designers starts with more than a blank canvas from which anything may emerge. Many components may already exist, such as photographs, the text, basic colors, and even production formats. The designer will always consult the client on the audience, end use, size and scale, among other

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