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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Economic considerations of having Type I Diabetes.

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Earlier the malady was known as juvenile or childhood diabetes, but the term is a misnomer since a large number of adults are found to suffer from this problem. The basic treatment for such diabetes is by administration of insulin. Pancreatic transplantation and beta cell transplantation are considered as alternative treatments for the type-1 diabetes. moreover vaccinations are tried to nullify the autoimmune effect. However, all these approaches are long and cumbersome and results in post surgical complications. As a result there is a therapeutic approach through controlled medication that works to maintain the insulin level accordingly in order to avoid diabetic coma and health adversities. The physicians suggest a life long insulin treatment for patients having the type-1 malady. There is also a requirement to control the blood sugar levels of the individuals suffering from such insulin deficiency and in fact it is always the best to regularly monitor the blood glucose levels using home medical equipments to monitor the blood glucose level.

There are a number of online medical stores displaying such commodities that are required for diabetes management at home.

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