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Because of several political and socio-economic factors, it is often not possible for companies to recruit employees that are diverse in every respect. This may happen when a company produces religion specific products. It requires great consideration by an statue making company to resolve whether or not to hire Muslim employees, as the idea goes against the Islamic teachings that forbid Muslims from making idols. Likewise, managers may not be able to employ candidates that belong to countries which have long been in conflict with each other. For example, if a company hires an employee from Israel and another from Palestine, the two may never be able to develop the kind of rapport that is conducive for speedy work, and organizational success in the long run. Instead, the two may develop personal grudge against each other on the cost of organizational work, which can in turn be very detrimental for the organization as a whole. Moreover, there are companies whose products are not usable for every member of the society. For example, pork producing companies have no market value among the Muslim nationals just like the beef producing companies have no market value among the Hindu nationals.

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