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Write 4 page essay on the topic Fundamentals of Research Methodology.

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Fundamentals of Research Methodology Psychology has been defined as the science of human and animal thought, emotion and behavior (Christensen, Johnson &amp. Turner, 2010). This definition provides insight into the subject matter of the study of Psychology (thoughts, emotions and behaviors) as well as the manner in which this material is to be examined (scientifically) in an attempt to try and understand the functioning of humans and animals. For a long time, psychology was not studied as a science but was examined using logic and intuition among other techniques (McBurney &amp. White, 2009). This approach changed when scientific investigations were carried out in the field of psychology in the 18th and 19th centauries that yielded refutable data using techniques of analysis that were similar to those used by scientists in other fields (McBurney &amp. White, 2009). The inexact nature of the subject matter of psychology still causes some doubts about the soundness of psychology as a science. but research keeps providing evidence that supports the scientific nature of psychology (Christensen, Johnson &amp. Turner, 2010). A science refers to the study of a subject using empirical data that is collected in an objective manner.

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