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we will explore leadership, social responsibility and the future of global marketing. To respond to the opportunities and threats in the global marketing environment, a firm must have a global vision and strategy. Leaders must have the vision, in addition to the technical resources, to build global competencies. 

Social responsibility begins with the idea of shared value in the marketplace. The concept of shared value recognizes that the stakeholders of a business are not limited to the owners (shareholders), management, and customers but also include employees at all levels who contribute toward the business’ success, suppliers, and society, both local and global.

The future of global marketing will reflect eight major trends that will shape and create new directions, opportunities, and threats. All world regions will continue to grow, and world wealth will become more evenly distributed. Marketing is at the threshold of a new and exciting era: e-business, e-commerce, and e-marketing.

With all of the readings, videos and discussion that occurred within this course, discuss how the technological convergence, the Internet, and global customer expectations have changed the task of the global marketer.  Explain how the digital marketing communication tools and concepts discussed throughout this course and assignments are relevant within the digital marketplace.

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