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what is Jordan’s preliminary diagnosis and possible cause? Jordan is a 22-year-old man who received medical discharge from the army after a 2- year tour in Iraq. The initial discharge was for depression, but Jordan’s family has begun to believe that it may be more complicated. Jordan has been discovered wandering at night “following the way the flags are showing me to go” or following a possibly imaginary woman with a scarred neck. During the interview, Jordan seems lucid, but lethargic. He drums his fingers slowly on each thigh, as if playing a slow piano scale. His answers are all one or two words, such as “fine” or “I guess.” When asked about the woman with the scarred neck, he becomes slightly more animated. Jordan: She’s a beautiful woman, isn’t she? Interviewer: I don’t know, Jordan. I’ve never seen her. Jordan: Right, because you don’t have the ring. Interviewer: What ring? Jordan: [mumbles] Interviewer: Can you tell me about the ring? Jordan: I said the ring is the fuse. Interviewer: The fuse to what, Jordan? Jordan: Without the fuse… well, you know what happens. It’s a fuse. Interviewer: I don’t, Jordan. What happens? Jordan: Fuses light up you know. And then, they blow up. That’s all. Family History: Mother and father are still alive, but divorced. Mother is remarried. Mother has history of diabetes. Father’s leg was amputated during first Gulf War. History of emotional abuse by father.

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