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the addition of nitrogen into non-arable soil to make it arable, there are other ways carried out to make it arable, they include. digging and installation of wells and canal, and addition of tree for shading purposes. As the experiment progress, we will record differences when nitrogen fertilizers added to maize into two different soil samples.( Brady & Weil )

The experiment was called mineral nitrogen fertilizer. Various kilograms of nitrogen fertilizers per 100 acres used to get result, fertilizer statistics composed in an increase of 20kg at each acre. In addition to that, a nitrogen fertilizer per 100 acres was added to the yield per every year. As the experiments proceed maize at non-arable soil, grow at higher late than that in arable soil.( Brady & Weil )

According to my hypothesis, I was correct that maize in the soil, which is non-arable, it would grow at a higher rate than on arable soil.( Berlin De Gruyter. ) As the experiment progress, we have noticed that maize in the non-arable soil grow at higher rate than in arable soil, every time nitrogen fertilizer added on it. On the other hand, as the fertilization process came close to 180kg per 100 acres, both were at the equal produce of 20.1mg of dry mass. Perhaps this happened because arable soil has been in use for many years.( Berlin De Gruyter.

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