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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Who’s Delusional.

Extremely abnormal (as determined by the four Ds of deviance, damage, dysfunction, and distress) delusions are often associated with schizophrenia. However, this condition includes many more symptoms in addition to irrational beliefs. One process for categorizing schizophrenia symptoms is by grouping them into “positive” and “negative” types. Positive symptoms are present in schizophrenics but not normally so in the general population (delusions and hallucinations), while negative symptoms involve the lack of characteristics that are normally present without the ailment (blunted emotion, reduction in speech, etc.).

Many groups other than those with psychoses are commonly associated with delusional beliefs. One example is the section of society that believes in aliens and/or UFOs. Labeling of this group in this manner is common, but not necessarily deserved. Given the immensity of the universe, alien life is still a possibility. This is argued within science, but support for life on other planets is growing daily. Additionally, UFOs most certainly exist, as there are common records of airborne objects that are not identifiable. However, suggesting that aliens have visited Earth or that UFOs are alien crafts may be outside of reasonable support. Delusional thoughts of this type should not require treatment unless they violate the four Ds of abnormal

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