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Write 2 page essay on the topic Project Management: Project Life Cycle.

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The second Phase, the Initiation Phase, has somewhat already been worked out. You already have your coworkers and their available hours figured out, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Terry likes to work with the give-away and presentations, and is not good at travel arrangements, so logically you would keep him far from making the travel arrangements.

Once this phase comes to a close, the most important phase comes into play. The Planning phrase could make or kill any project, and sufficient time should be spent planning every last detail out. You know Pat is planning on taking a vacation, so make sure to set her deadlines accordingly or be ready to cover some of her work when she is gone. Also note that Terry might be pulled away from your project to work on other things, so plan accordingly if you lose him for some amount of time. Deadlines need to be set and met, and give yourself a little room to work before them. For example, the displays need to be shipped ten calander days before the show. You do not want them to be finished by that day, you want to make sure the displays are finished well before the ship date insace any problems arise and you need to modify something. When planning for time, remember to plan extra time if needed just incase. Better be early then to be running behind schedule.

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