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Due tomorrow 7/17/2018 at 2:00 pm 

Week 1 Assignment – Quick Checkout

Programming Essentials

Quick Checkout

A local department store hires you to write an automated checkout program designed specifically for their express checkout lane. The express lane is limited to five items for any one purchase. Write a simple program using Python that prompts the user for the prices of five individual items and then calculates and displays the subtotal, sales tax, and total. The sales tax is 6 percent.

For this project:

· You will submit your python code in either the original .py file, or copied into a .txt file.

· A screenshot of your code having been executed (run). How to Take a Screenshot

Tips: Since the program asks you for three calculated values, it would be a good idea to have a place to store those three values once they have been calculated.

Avoid using Microsoft Word to write your program code. Word uses symbols other than the standard quote marks, which are often misinterpreted by programming compilers/interpreters.

Example output:


Welcome to the Express Lane!

Enter the first price: 5.00

Enter the second price: 6.15

Enter the third price: 7.95

Enter the fourth price: 42.99

Enter the final price: 12.70

subtotal: 74.79

sales tax: 4.49


total: 79.28

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