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Your instructor will identify which of the following topic(s) you will address.

  1. Using your own educational site or a site of a different educational organization, determine the overall attitudes of the faculty and administrators toward data-driven decision making. List some of the factors that have influenced these attitudes.
  2. Explain the differences between problem solving and decision making giving relevant examples.
  3. How has the transition in reform strategies affected the traditional roles of teachers and administrators?
  4. Schools of education have always used student data to help design and develop appropriate courses and graduation decisions for their students. It is only recently that multiple data options have been used for more than summative assessments. Explain how this change has affected the work teachers must now perform on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis.

Submission Details:

  • By the due date assigned, post your 250- to 300-word response to the Discussion Area. 
  • Through the last day of this module, review and respond to the questions submitted by at least two of your classmates. Participate in the discussion by asking questions, providing or asking for statements of clarification, and drawing conclusions. Offer your own assessments insights and issues mentioned by your peers. 
  • Cite your work appropriately wherever possible using the most recent APA guidelines.
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