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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Case Analysis of CUP.

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As an advisor to Derrick Westmuller, I would gladly advice him to use the CCC or Customer Care Center. A company won’t be able to function once the flow of the customer is not good. So it is just to protect the interest, satisfaction and happiness of the customer. With this great idea, many issues will be settled and would be very helpful for the company. Though at the start, this may be tough for every branch to adopt with, the expected result is very profitable for them. In fact there will be less work for the agent and the name of company will receive good feed backs. Remember that it is not the name of the Manager, members of the board or the agents, names that are on stake but the name of the company. It is true that most clients inquire on the same issues commonly normal issues. The price or fee that people pay in acquiring contacts from the insurance company is already expected or predicted but certain matters like not being contented with the service given by the agent and not giving immediate action to complains are very critical for the company.

There may be a lot of negative speculations that may come from other employees of the firm but the focus must still be in the whole company and for its good. It may be that it can create undesirable misunderstanding between the duties of the agents and the call center employees if there would be specification of work.

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