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I will pay for the following essay How is disease related to environmental change and/or degradation in the culture of capitalism. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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These are the locations that a disease can take hold and spread out of control. These areas usually have little if any government services and public policy is to sacrifice health care for the sake of economic growth (Robbins 2004 Ch.8). In addition, the population does not have appropriate access to vaccinations. The most poverty stricken areas are also likely to suffer from environmental pollution. This serves to introduce additional illnesses into the population as well as weaken the immune response.

Capitalism has also created an environment where transportation is commonplace. Disease can easily be transported on the products or the carriers that permeate the marketplace. Merchants, seeking to maximize profits, will overlook social concerns when importing or exporting a product. The social cost of producing or importing a product is passed onto the general public in capitalism. Poverty stricken neighborhoods around the world become infected and impoverished people feel the brunt of the spread of disease and environmentally induced illness.

The globalization of capitalism has contributed to the spread of infectious diseases in a number of significant ways. Still, we treat infectious disease in isolated systems.

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