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Need an argumentative essay on Emotional Models Comparison. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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It is stated by Robert Masters that feeling is an emotion that is physiologically based, but is sometimes also psychologically orientated. and emotion is psychosocially constructed, dramatized feeling. But there are a range of other definitions that defines emotion such as:

In psychology and common use, emotion is the language of a person’s mental state of being, normally based in or tied to the person’s internal (physical) and external (social) sensory feeling. Love, hate, courage, fear, joy, sadness, pleasure and disgust can all be described in both psychological and physiological terms.

Incidents of coordinated changes in several areas, including what has been called the ‘reaction triad’ of physiological arousal, motor expression, and subjective feeling, in response to either an internal or an external event of significant importance to an individual.

To better understand the concept of emotion and the reason why it is difficult to define the term, it is necessary to compare the models developed by philosophers and academics such as William James, Carl Lange, Walter Cannon and Stanley Schachter. These are only some of the scholars who have made inroads in the field of emotions.

This theory refers to the origin and nature of emotions theory developed independently by two scholars, William James and Carl Lange in the 19th century.

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