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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Religion and Education.

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There have been many forms of educational training programs since the colonization era and from that time many changes have been witnessed. It was like in early 16th century when the need to adapt religious learning was felt the most and it was Thomas Jefferson who latter realized that religious education was an important aspect of daily life. At the beginning of the 16th century like in 1647, the Satan Act was passed which was a tax supported structure for educating/ funding the schools. This scheme made the young people read and understand bible. This was done in the colonial America which had other important types of education systems. These were the apprenticeships, dame schools, Latin grammar schools and higher colleges. The old deluder act stated that for towns which had around 50 families had to have a teacher who would make them learn to read and write and for towns which had 100 families had to establish a grammar school for the learners. There were foundations of Latin grammar schools as well which had teachers that were near to the minister level and these schools practiced strict discipline. Further the point was that rote memorization was a fundamental there which in today’s world is by no chance a factor that can lead to excellence as today the world is more applicative and young people are made to formulate their own themes from the past experiences (Reed, James , and Prevost, 1993).

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