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Need an argumentative essay on Mixed strategies. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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I thought I knew college life. It was the place for serious studies. But it was frequented by students who were hell bent on creating problems. I had heard a few cases where girls had eloped with boys in college. I had also heard about university elections and the fights that took place during the elections, sometimes even leading to murder. It confused me. Did students really study in college Or did they go there only to pass time and fix dates with the opposite sex However, the picture cleared when I completed school and entered college.

My first day in college was not very eventful. It was just like any school day. However, we were no longer kids. We were grown up. I stayed put with students who had passed out of the same school. But there were some anxious moments with the seniors targeting us as butts of their jokes. I was called by a few seniors and told to compliment a girl on her good looks. I did not do it. But one of my colleagues did!

There were a few lectures that I attended. Some professors were absent due to which we missed some lectures. I had opted for the commerce stream. The class rooms were crammed with about 60 students. I was told there were about a 100 in some class rooms. But the number of students did not bother me. I could clearly hear what the professor was teaching from where I was seated. I realized that college life was not much different from what I had heard.

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