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Write 2 page essay on the topic The Principles Of Logic.

The Principles Of Logic

Logic also is non-contingent, in that, it does not rely on inadvertent aspects of the world, but visualizes the world in actuality (Bradley 304). A good example is if XY exists, then XY is factual.

In line with the above story, logic can be said to be applicable as I cannot argue that I missed the deal with the NGO as it was an accident. This is a factual situation that exists, and the fact that the NGOs shifted their focus to another business person cannot be justified. If the deal was not to be there, then the meeting would also not been existent.

Additionally, logic applies validity in arguments (Bradley 136). For instance.

If I am rush in decision making, then I am reckless in business deals,

I am a rush decision maker,

Therefore, I make reckless mistakes in business deals.

From the above, it is warranted to argue that the situation is a logical one.

In the event that logic would have been applied in the above situation, it is probable that I would have made a successful deal with the NGO Company. If I had been more patient for a while, then I would not be termed from the inductive argument, as a rush decision maker and reckless in making successful business deals.

Conclusively, if the same scenario is replicated, I would apply the principles of non-contingent as no situation is accidental, but there exists some occurrences behind it that lead to the validity of argument in the conclusion made.

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